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How long can you screen record on iPhone?

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If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably wondered about the limits of screen recording on your device. Screen recording has become increasingly important for sharing tutorials or capturing memorable moments. Fortunately, iPhones have a built-in Screen Recording feature that allows you to capture everything happening on your device’s screen.

In this article, we have discussed how long you can screen record on iPhone, the factors affecting its duration and how to enable it.

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How long can you screen record on iPhone?

The screen recording feature on iPhones does not impose a fixed time limit. You can record your screen for as long as you have sufficient storage space and battery life. While there is no set limit on the duration of screen recording but as mentioned above, factors can affect screen recording duration on iPhone.

Factors affecting the duration of screen recording on iPhone

  • Available Storage Space: The duration of screen recording on an iPhone depends on the available storage space. Recording high-resolution videos, especially lengthy ones, can consume significant storage. Therefore, freeing up storage by deleting unnecessary files or transferring them to external storage options like iCloud or a computer is advisable.
  • Battery Life: Screen recording can consume a substantial amount of battery power. Your device’s battery life will limit the duration of your screen recording. To maximize recording time, it’s recommended to start with a fully charged battery or connect your iPhone to a power source during recording.

Low battery life or high ambient temperature can also lead to pauses in video recordings as the phone might overheat.

How to enable Screen Recording?

Below we have explained the steps to enable screen recording on iPhone or iPad.

  • Open Settings, scroll down and tap on the Control Centre option.
  • In the control centre, turn the toggle on beside the Access Within Apps option.
  • On the same screen, scroll down, find Screen Recording, and then tap on the Plus icon beside it.
  • The screen recording will now be added to your Control centre.

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