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How long do Netflix downloads last?

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Netflix was launched in 1997 as a DVD rental service via mail, but things changed around 2007, as the internet was booming and Netflix started buying film distribution rights and creating their own content. Today, Netflix has millions of subscribers globally, and more keep adding and subtracting according to their subscription plans.

In this article, we will discuss the duration of Netflix downloads, why this happens, and how the duration varies.

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What are Downloads?

Most of Netflix downloads do not expire, meaning you can download the movie or multiple episodes from a series and keep the titles in your downloads for months. Netflix offers a Smart Downloads feature where it downloads the next episode of a series you have been watching after you finish any episode. It will delete your finished episode as well.

With the Smart Downloads feature, Netflix can also download and keep a few movies and shows to watch anywhere. You can choose how much GB you allocate to Netflix for them to download movies and shows. For example, if you allow Netflix to use 3 GB storage, it will download movies and shows, worth 12 hours.

What is the Download Limit for Netflix and how to get around it

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Duration of downloads

Netflix movies or shows cannot stay in your downloads folder for a long time as you might want to download more titles; in this case, Netflix might automatically delete some of your watched downloads to make room for more.

More importantly, the duration of any Netflix video depends on the license agreement with that video’s creator. A countdown on some titles begins after you start watching them.

This expiration can depend on the video title and can expire within 48 hours to seven days or months.

If you can keep a video downloaded for a limited period, you will be shown a number next to the title. If the title expires, you will be shown an orange exclamation mark instead. You can tap this orange exclamation mark and renew or delete your download. Sometimes, there is also a limit on how many times you can renew a downloaded video.

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