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How many photos can you Airdrop at once?

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Airdrop is a feature available on Apple devices that allows users to send multiple photos wirelessly to other Apple devices effortlessly. It’s quick, convenient and saves time waiting for iCloud to update the photo library. However, many people wonder about the limits of Airdrop, specifically the number of photos that can be sent at once through Airdrop.

This peer-to-peer wireless transfer protocol allows users to send and receive various files, including photos, videos, contacts, documents, and more.

This article discusses what Airdrop is, How many photos you can Airdrop at once and things to remember when sharing photos in bulk.

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How many photos can you Airdrop at once?

Apple has not provided a specific number of photos that can be sent at once through AirDrop. This means that there is no set limit to the number of photos you can share at once using AirDrop.

Airdrop has no transfer limit for photos

However, the speed of the file transfer will depend on the size of your data and the processing power of the devices involved. If you have numerous large photos to share, there is a chance that AirDrop may encounter difficulties or take a considerable amount of time to complete the transfer.

Things to remember when sending a large number of photos through Airdrop

To avoid any difficulties while sharing a large number of photos, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Transfer in smaller batches: If you have a large collection of photos to share, it’s advisable to split them into smaller batches and send them consecutively rather than attempting a single transfer. This approach minimizes the chances of encountering issues related to file size limitations.
  • Ensure sufficient storage space: Both the sender and receiver devices must have enough available storage space to accommodate the transferred files. Check the storage status of your device before initiating the transfer to avoid any interruptions or failures.

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