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How to access Windows 10 Sticky Notes online or on Android

The Sticky Notes app developed by Microsoft for Windows has existed ever since Windows 7 and is a very useful feature to note down things on-the-go. Due to popular demand, the Sticky Notes app made a reappearance for Windows 10.

The app allows for seamless sync of content across all your devices that have the capability to link with your Microsoft account. The Microsoft Launcher app for Android devices is one of the ways you can access your notes on your phone over the internet.

This feature can come in very handy when you need to remember something that you noted down on your computer while working but don’t have access to it anymore.

Microsoft allows you to sync your notes with a Microsoft account and hence you can access them on your mobile device or on any other device via the web.

In this article, we tell you exactly how to enable this feature and access Sticky Notes on Windows 10, online or on your Android device.

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Where to find Sticky Notes in Windows 10 and how to enable syncing?

Follow the steps mentioned below to find Sticky Notes and enable syncing.

Search for Sticky Notes in the search bar.

How to access Sticky Notes online, on Windows 10 or on an AndroidOpen the app and click on the gear icon to open in-app settings.

How to access Sticky Notes online, on Windows 10 or on an AndroidLook for ‘Sign in to sync your notes to the cloud’ and sign in with your Microsoft account.

How to access Sticky Notes online, on Windows 10 or on an Android

Your notes have been successfully synced with the cloud now only if you are connected to the internet.

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How to access Sticky Notes over the internet?

Accessing Sticky Notes over the internet is an easy job. Microsoft has made it relatively easy to make modifications to your notes on-the-go. Follow the steps mentioned below to access your Sticky Notes using a web browser.

Open any web browser and open this website.

How to access Sticky Notes online, on Windows 10 or on an Android

Log in using your Microsoft account. You will be directed to your previously saved Sticky Notes and can make modifications accordingly.

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How to access Sticky Notes on Android?

Microsoft has luckily provided with an easy way to access Sticky Notes on your Android device.You can make any sort of modification to your notes while you don’t have access to your computer.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device, download and install Microsoft Launcher. Set up the launcher and set it as your default if you wish to (it is not a bad app launcher at all).
  • Go to the home screen and swipe left.
  • You will find a card that says Sticky Notes and that’s it.

How to access Sticky Notes online, on Windows 10 or on an Android

You have access to your Sticky Notes on your Android device. The mobile version too supports all modifications and hence syncs it accordingly with your Microsoft account.

Microsoft has made a great decision by adding the Sticky Notes to their cloud services as it is highly beneficial to a lot of frequent users. The Sticky Notes app itself is a great resource in the Microsoft eco-system. It can be accessed on iOS devices too via the OneNote app but is in beta testing at the time of writing.

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