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How to add a GIF to Google Slides?

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If you have a presentation due, then you should add a GIF which is a small video file to your slides to liven up your presentation and get extra points on your assignment. Telling an effectively compelling story through your slides can be difficult if one uses a simple information slide format but adding a GIF can be a head turner and yawn breaker, as nowadays, it would not only make the viewer smile but also pay more interest to the topic at hand.

So, in this article, we will be figuring out how to add GIFs to Google Slides to make your presentation stand out.

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Adding GIFs to Google Slides

GIFs are short and recurring video templates that can be created from any video, where a subject performs a short action or a reaction. Adding GIFs to your Google Slides is bound to make your presentation more attractive and catch the attention of your peers. You can add content around the GIF to make the topic interesting and comprehensible.

You can effortlessly add GIFs to your Google Slides presentation by following the methods given below:

Method 1: Upload from computer

This method is fairly easy and you can upload any GIF in your Google Slides presentation as long as you have it downloaded on your computer. You can download GIFs from websites like Giphy or Tumblr among others and upload the GIFs by heading to Insert from the menu tab below your presentation’s name. After that, click on Image > Upload from computer.

Again, some GIFs might download in the WebP file format which is not supported on Google Slides, so make sure that you are downloading the GIF with a compatible format.

Method 2: Search the web

You can follow the steps given below to add a GIF directly from the web as Google provides its search engine for you to search any GIF or image online:

Step 1: Click on Insert and then on Image. Now, select the Search the web option.

Step 2: At the right side of your screen, a Google search bar will open up, describe the GIF that you would like to use. Choose your preferred GIF and click on Insert below to let Google Slides place that GIF on your current slide.

If a Google search is unable to produce a GIF befitting your presentation, then you will be shown fixed images of that topic instead.

Method 3: By URL

This is the best hassle-free way of adding GIFs to your Google Slides assignment. All you have to do is search for the appropriate GIF on the internet and make sure that its license allows sharing. Follow the steps given below to add a GIF using a URL from any website directly:

Step 1: Click on Insert and then on Image. Now, select the By URL option.

Step 2: Copy the link of your GIF then head back to Google Slides and paste the link of the GIF in the space provided. Click on Insert Image.

This way you can use three methods to insert GIFs into your Google Slides presentation and make your work transcend the general tone set by regular presentations.

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