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How to add a stop in Ola?

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As one of India’s most prominent cabs and bike services, Ola is always looking forward to enhancing its customer experience.

The Add a Stop feature in the Ola app will help you add stops in your route or any other location as well. While you can add stops in a regular cab booking, Ola Rentals offers you the convenience to add multiple stops en route. If you’d like to learn more about Ola Rentals, check out our article.

Here we have discussed how you can add a stop in the Ola app and direct your driver to multiple stop points between the origin and destination in a regular Ola booking.

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How to add a stop to your destination on Ola?

If you need to stop by a particular spot en-route to your destination or pick up a friend while riding with Ola, you can easily do that by adding a stop to your Ola ride before booking the service.

Follow the steps mentioned below to add stops to your destination on Ola:

  • Launch the Ola app on your device, allow access to your location and enter your Pick-up location in the search bar.
How to add a stop in Ola?
  • Tap on the Search Destination option to select your destination point and hit the plus icon on your right to add a stop.
How to add a stop in Ola?
  • Once you are done tap on Confirm Route, select any of the cab options available and tap on Book Any.
How to add a stop in Ola?

This will confirm your cab booking over the app. You can now select your payment method and hit the Confirm option to confirm your booking.

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Ambika Rani Ghosh

Ambika Rani Ghosh