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How does Ola Rental work?

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Ola rental is one of the three services provided by Ola, a car rental company. The other two services are outstation, for intercity travel and city taxi, for easy and hassle-free travel within city limits. Another service it provides is the buying or selling of pre-owned cars.

This article will be your guide on how Ola rentals work and the pros and cons of using this service.

What is Ola Rental?

Ola Rentals was launched in 2016, and since then, it has been catering to the needs of its customers ranging from driving to the airport to picking up friends for a get-together, exploring a new city or getting daily chores done amongst others.

By choosing from their hourly and distance-based packages, you can add multiple stops in one ride. Their packages range from one hour and 10 kilometres to 10 hours 100 kilometres, and their rates are fixed. If the time duration of your trip exceeds, you will be charged an extra fee according to additional minutes. However, you will be charged according to extra kilometres if the distance exceeds.

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How to book Ola Rental?

You can book a cab under Ola rental from either the Ola website or the Ola mobile app. Given below are steps to book an Ola rental cab with the mobile app:

How does Ola rental work?
  • Open the Ola app, enter your current location and tap on Rentals. The option may be unavailable for some locations.
  • Select the package according to the duration to your destination (one or more), you can get a Mini or a Prime Sedan based on the car availability in their fleet. The price range varies according to the package (distance and time). For example, Mini is available for Rs. 269 in the 1 hr 10 km package and for Rs. 1699 in the 10 hr 100 km package. Additionally, you can also schedule the ride for later by tapping on the clock icon at the top right.
How does Ola rental work?
  • An option for rental insurance will pop up next and you can either add insurance of Rs. 15 to your ride or you can tap on the Remind Me Later option.
  • Next, you will be see some guidelines for your safety, such as, Ola rentals are only permitted to travel within city limits, wear a mask and travel only when symptom-free. Tap on Proceed to book your ride.

Pros and cons of Ola Rental

Travelling with an Ola rental cab certainly has its benefits compared to a city taxi, as highlighted below:

You can go to multiple destinations in the same cab.You are not allowed to go outside the city limits.
Change your drop location multiple times through your Ola app.The package, once booked, cannot be changed.
Your ride can be extended beyond your chosen package.Additional charges apply as the distance and time increase.
Booking cannot end without the ride end OTP, don’t share that with the driver in advance.Toll charges, parking fees and government taxes may apply.

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