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How to block someone on Google Chat?

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Google Chat allows you to chat with your contacts, create group conversations, and join spaces for team collaboration. However, sometimes, you may encounter unwanted messages or interactions from someone in Google Chat. In that case, you can block and report them to prevent further communication.

Blocking someone in Google Chat means that they can’t send you direct messages, and their messages are hidden from you in spaces and group conversations. You can also report someone for abuse if they violate Google’s policies or terms of service.

In this article, we will show you how to block someone on Google Chat using different devices and methods. We will also explain how to unblock someone if you change your mind later.

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Block someone on Google Chat (Android and iOS)

Here are the steps to block someone on the Google Chat app on Android and iOS:

  • Open Google Chat on your mobile and press the conversation of the person you want to block.
  • Now, tap on the person’s name at the top left of the screen to open another set of options.
  • Finally, tap on the Block button and again tap on Block to finish the process.

You can tick mark the Also report option to report that person to Google. Alternatively, you can long-press the conversation and tap Block and report.

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Block someone on Google Chat (on a computer)

If you’re using Google Chat on a computer, follow the steps below, but before that, head to Google Chat and sign in with your Google account.

Click on the conversation you want to block at the left panel. Click on the person’s name to open a drop-down menu, then click Block and report. Finally, click on Block to finalise the process.

Blocking someone on Google Chat can help you avoid unwanted messages and interactions from them. Follow the two methods that we have mentioned above to do that easily.

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