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How to bypass age restriction on YouTube without signing in

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YouTube is an online streaming service that was acquired by Googe in 2006. Each day, users watch over a billion hours of video on YouTube, 70% of which comes from smartphone users.

If put together back to back, these billion hours of video would combine to make 100,000 years of video footage. YouTube also provides a platform where thousands of creators are making hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a trick to bypass the age restriction on YouTube without needing to sign in to your account.

Bypass age restriction on YouTube

There are some videos on YouTube that are unavailable to underage users due to violent content or nudity and are rated ‘A’. Adult rated content is also unavailable if you’re not signed in. So, either you can sign in to watch the video or we have a way by which you can access the video without signing in on YouTube.

You can use the prefix nsfw before youtube in the video link.

For example, the video link becomes 

However, a word of caution — you will be redirected to a different site (NSFWYoutube) altogether. We advise you to read their FAQ before continuing further.

As of now, we couldn’t find any alternative to nsfw prefix. One alternative, pwn prefix, is not currently working. If and when we identify additional relevant resources for curbing age limits on YouTube, we’ll update the article.

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Bonus trick – How to skip intro

We care for our audience and this is why we are providing a bonus trick for a situation where you are watching a series and are being bombarded with an intro with each episode, which you have to manually skip every time. Here is a way to skip the intro.

On the video URL, add &start=Ts, where Ts is the number of seconds.

For example, in the URL, you want to skip to 30 seconds, then you just have to add &start=30 at the end of the URL. So, the URL becomes 

The video will then start from the 30-second mark.

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