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How to share a YouTube video from a specific time

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Founded in February 2005 and acquired by Google in October 2006, YouTube needs no formal introduction as it boasts north of 1.9 billion active monthly logged-in users, which accounts for a majority of internet users worldwide.

If put together back to back, these billion hours of video would combine to make 100,000 years of video footage. Another notable fact is that 70% of these users access YouTube via smartphones and as we all know the bandwidth available on mobile internet plans is limited and so it’s important to make sure relevant bits of a video make it across to the person they are being shared with.

Keeping that in mind, here we are going to share a slick trick that will help you share the video starting from the point you want the other person to start watching while skipping all the details you deem unnecessary.

Create a link to the specific part of the YouTube

For this, you have to open the YouTube video and pause it to the exact time from where you want your friend to see it. Then, right-click on the video and click on Copy video URL at current time. 

Or, you can apply an alternate method, which will come in handy for smartphone users due to the lack of such an option in the smartphone app for YouTube.

Go to the URL and manually enter ‘&t=Tmxxs’, where ‘T’ is the minute and ‘x’ is the seconds from where you want the video to be seen by the other person and then copy and send it.

For example, your URL is, and you want the other person to see the video starting from 1 minute and 33 seconds, so you need to add ‘&t=1m33s’ (without the quotes) after the URL. The URL will then look like

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Bonus trick

Here is a bonus trick for our cool readers. Sometimes it happens that you want to listen to a song on the loop. You’ll also see a  Loop option among the right-click menu options. Just click on it and the song will play on the loop for you. Happy listening!

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Kumar Hemant

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