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How to change the name in Google Pay?

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Google Pay, commonly known as GPay is an online payment and digital wallet application by Google and is currently the second most popular application for UPI transactions. Right from paying bills, doing a recharge, topping up FASTag and other such devices and applications to making payments to a friend or merchant, GPay is self-sufficient in aspects.

In this article, we will see how to change the name and other basic details in Google Pay.

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Changing information on GPay

All basic information including name, photo and even UPI ID can be changed and updated in GPay, based on your preference, by following easy steps.

Since GPay is powered by Google, editing the basic information is done using the main Google account.

Changing name

For changing the name on Google Pay, the credentials of the Google account needs to be changed. The changes reflect across all the accounts in 2-3 days.

How to change the name in Google Pay?
  • Open system/phone settings.
  • Select the Google option from the settings menu.
  • A screen with the main logged-in account is displayed. Click on Manage your Google Account.

To switch between various accounts, click on the arrow beside the account details, and select the required account.

  • From the available panel options, select Personal Info.
  • Scroll down to Basic info and click on the arrow under the Name section.
  • Click on the pen icon to edit your name and nickname.

The name and nickname are updated successfully.

For professional accounts, the option to edit the name and nickname may not be available, depending on the settings done by the admin and the institution.

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Changing the profile picture

Follow steps 1 to 4 above

  • Under Basic Info, click on the circle with the image option.
  • Click on Set Profile Picture.
  • Select the preferable method to upload the photo.

The profile picture is successfully uploaded.

Similarly, all other basic details such as birthdays, phone numbers and others can be changed.

Changing the UPI ID

Since UPI IDs have become so common and are shared all around, businesses and other users may want to change their IDs before sharing them with everyone.

  • Open Google Pay, and click on the photo in the top right corner.
  • Click on Payment methods and select the required Bank Account.
  • Click on Manage UPI IDs under the detailed bank account details.
  • Click on the + symbol and add the UPI ID you want.

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