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How to change the tick speed in Minecraft?

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If you like action-adventure survival games, Minecraft is right up your alley. However, with such an expansive world and so many different things to do, waiting is a big part of the game.

If you’re not a fan of waiting 20 minutes for something to happen in the game, you can speed up the process. This involves changing the tick speed in-game and can be done by using a few simple commands.

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Changing tick speed in Minecraft

Before we get to changing tick speeds, here are the four types of tick speeds that you need to know about:

  • Game tick: This is a fixed tick speed that the Minecraft programming loop runs at and cannot be changed by the player.
  • Chunk tick: This is also a fixed tick rate that the player cannot change.
  • Random tick: The random tick controls the growth of plants, mobs, spreading of fire, melting of ice and just about every other aspect of the game. If you’re looking to speed up gameplay, this is the tick rate you’ll adjust. By default, the random tick is set to three in Minecraft Java and 1 in Minecraft Bedrock.
  • Scheduled tick: Any block that requires something to happen at a specific time requests this tick to progress.

Once you’re aware of the tick types, we can get to changing the tick speed. Just follow this process.

Step 1: Once you’ve opened Minecraft and loaded it into your world, you will have to enable cheats first. To do that, press the Esc key on your keyboard and click Settings.

Step 2: Under the World section, select the Game setting. Scroll in the right window to find the Cheats section and enable the Activate Cheats slider.

Step 3: Now head back to the game, press the T or / key to open the Chats and Commands window and type the following commands to change the random tick speed.

For Bedrock Edition

/gamerule randomtickspeed [enter tick speed]

For Java Edition

/gamerule randomTickSpeed [enter tick speed]

Once you’re done, press the Enter key, and the tick rate will be changed. Be sure to enter only numerical values, as the command doesn’t accept any other input. Also, be aware of how your tick speed will affect the game. For example, setting the tick speed to 2 will make everything twice as fast in the game if you’re playing the Bedrock Edition. In the case of the Java Edition, setting the tick speed to 6 will achieve the same effect.

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