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How to change the WiFi password on iPhone?

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Keeping your WiFi network secure is crucial, and changing your password regularly is essential to maintaining that security. This is especially true if you suspect unauthorised devices have accessed your network or if you’ve simply had the same password for a long time. Fortunately, changing your WiFi password on your iPhone is quick and easy.

Want to change the WiFi password on your iPhone? This guide discusses the steps to change the WiFi password on an iPhone.

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Changing the WiFi password on the iPhone

If you changed your WiFi password for any reason and need to update it on your iPhone, which was already linked to the same network, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings app and tap on Wifi.
  • Tap on the i icon beside the current network to which your iPhone is connected.
  • Tap on Forget Network.
  • Tap on Forget to confirm your action.
  • Under the Network field, tap on the WiFi network to connect.
  • It will ask for the password. Enter the updated password and tap on the Join button at the top right corner of the screen.

Additional Tips

Here are a few tips to make a strong password and to keep your connection secure from unauthorised access:

  • Before you begin, make sure you know the new WiFi password.
  • Use a tough and special password for your WiFi to make it more secure.
  • Remember to change your WiFi password periodically to make it even more secure and stop people who shouldn’t be using it.

These easy steps allow iPhone users to change their WiFi passwords easily, making their digital space more secure. Don’t forget to keep your new password secure and update the credentials on other devices for smooth connections.

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