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How to check the balance of the Delhi Metro card online?

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Delhi Metro has made navigation quite easy for people in the bustling city. The Metro system runs on cards and tokens, which you must buy to enter the premises and board the Metro.

Although it would be quite easier for you to check the Delhi Metro card balance while sitting comfortably in your homes or offices, you cannot do this online. As per Delhi Metro’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), “No, you cannot check your card balance online.”

This means to check the card balance; you will have to visit the Ticket Reader cum Add Value Machines (TR CUM AVM) installed in the Metro stations. Press the card in the space provided and see your Metro card balance on the screen.

However, DMRC provides other features you can access online, including recharging the metro card.

Recharge Delhi Metro card online

Although you cannot check the Metro card balance, you can recharge the card online easily.

Recharge via the DMRC Smart Card website

The easiest method to recharge is via the DMRC Smart Card website. Go to the website, enter the Smart Card number and the amount, and then click on Continue.

Enter your card number or UPI ID and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

Recharge via Paytm

The second way to recharge your Delhi Metro Smart Card is via Paytm.

  • Head to the Paytm Metro card recharge page and select Delhi Metro under the Metro section on the left panel.
  • Select Smart Card Recharge under the Ticket Type option.
  • Finally, enter the Delhi Metro Smart Card number and the recharge amount.
  • Then click on Proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recharge.

You can also select the automatic top-up option, which will automatically update Rs. 200 if your smart card balance falls below Rs. 100.

In conclusion, you cannot check the Delhi Metro Smart Card balance online. To know the balance, you will have to visit the Delhi Metro station and take the help of the TC CUM AVM machines. Follow the instructions above to recharge your card, and you are good to go.

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