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How to clear app data or cache on Android and why?

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Android phones offer storage for cached data that is generated on using various apps on your phone. This cache memory is part of the phone’s internal memory.

The cache memory feature was introduced to load recently visited and viewed data faster. So, instead of downloading that data, again and again, the content is downloaded once and stored in the cache.

When you wish to revisit that web page, video, audio, or photo, it is just picked up from this cached memory — speeding up the load time.

However, this takes up a lot of phone storage, and the efficiency of your phone’s processing power is affected.

The phone performance becomes sluggish and starts hanging a lot. Some apps also may begin shutting down unexpectedly.

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Also, your phone will start running out of space to store more critical data content such as photos, videos, audio files, documents and so on.

To increase your phone’s performance and get over data storage issues, consider clearing out the data of some apps or maybe just the cache.

How to clear app data or cache on Android and why?

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat consume a lot of cache memory because they load a lot of videos and images and you should consider clearing them out first.

Clearing app data from the phone’s internal memory should be done on a frequently to enhance its utilities better.

You should know that when you clear out the app data, you are logged out of any account(s) from that app and access to them can be regained after you log in to them again.

Some phones also provide the functionality to switch the app data storage to an external memory space (SD card) from the phone’s internal memory.

If app data storage is switched to external memory, you might not need to clear out your apps regularly, but clearing the cache frequently is still recommended else you would be collecting unnecessary junk nonetheless.

How to clear app data or cache?

To clear app data on your Android device, follow these steps:

How to clear app data or cache on Android and why?

  • Open your device’s Settings menu
  • Locate the Apps & notifications/App management option
  • Select the app whose data you wish to clear

How to clear app data or cache on Android and why?

  • Tap on Storage
  • Choose the Clear data or Clear Cache option

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Parinita Haldar

Parinita Haldar