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How to connect AnyDesk?

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Imagine sitting in two different corners of the world and still working on a single screen with your co-worker or just a friend, without any video or audio call. Anydesk makes this possible.

Initially launched in 2015, Anydesk operates on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and even Raspberry Pi. It allows you to access someone else’s desktop or any other screen remotely.

In this article we will understand:

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What’s a Remote Desktop?

Remote desktop technology allows people to connect to your device and work as if the connection is local. This can be used to achieve tasks like fixing computer issues and bugs, demonstrating a new application, performing administrative tasks or just accessing your workplace system from your home.

The only requirement to work remotely with someone is an active internet connection and the application to be downloaded on both ends.

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How to connect on AnyDesk via PC?

Anydesk is a desktop application that would take up only 3.7 MB of space on Windows, and slighlty larger for macOS. The application can be downloaded from here for all the available platforms.

Once the application is launched, the page would look as follows.

Main page of AnyDesk

On the extreme right is your personal ID, which can be used to make connections. The centre box allows you to input any ID to make a connection with them. To the extreme left are just Anydesk updates and warnings.

Step 1: Enter the ID of the device you wish to connect within the Remote Desk space.

Entering the ID

Step 2: Select the device name and click on Connect.

Connect button

This sends a connection request to the other person.

Step 3: Check whether the connection request has been sent.

Establishment of connection request

Step 4: Accept the connection request by clicking on Accept in the pop-up.

Accept option to complete connection

Step 4 (optional): Set access permissions from the side panel.


The permissions include allowing inputs from the other person, including drawing, typing, clicking, sharing audio and more.

The connection has now been successfully established.

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How to connect on AnyDesk via mobile?

The method to establish a connection on Anydesk is the same as on PC.

Establishing a connection
  • Enter the Personal ID of the device you wish to connect.
  • Click on the GO arrow.
  • Check whether the connection request has been sent.
Accessing features and closing option
  • Once the connection has been accepted, hover on the options icon to access the features.
  • Click on the X cross button to close the session.

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How to disconnect from AnyDesk?

To end the remote session or disconnect with the connected device, manually by clicking on the disconnect option or simply closing the Anydesk application.

Disconnecting the device

Features accessible when remote connection is active

Anydesk provides features such as chatting, file transfer, session recording and many others when on an active connection.

Features of AnyDesk active connection
  • Use the Chat icon to have a conversation with the person on a remote connection.
  • Use the Files icon to transfer files to the remote connection.
  • Click on the Actions icon for taking screenshots, sending a Ctrl+Alt+Del sequence, restarting the remote device and more.
  • Use the keyboard settings icon to change the keyboard layout.
  • Use the Start session recording button to record the session.
  • Click on the display settings icon to adjust the screen quality,
  • Click on the whiteboard icon to draw on the remote screen.

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Unattended access – What it is and how to accept it?

Unattended access is when there is non one to accept an incoming connection request. In such cases, you can use a password to access the device without manual intervention.

Unattended access settings

Step 1: Click on the Unlock Security Settings option on the top.

Unlock Security Settings option

Step 2: Checkbox the Enable unattended access option. A pop-up window opens.

Pop-up window

Step 3: Set a Password. Re-enter the password. Click on Apply.

Setting a Password

A message will appear to show if the password is weak or safe. When re-entering the password, a warning is displayed if the passwords don’t match.

Unattended access password for mobiles

The steps for setting a password for unattended access on the mobile application is also almost the same.

Setting the unattended access password
  • Go to the settings option by clicking on the hamburger beside the app name.
  • Checkbox the Enable unattended access.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on OK.

Accessing an unattended device

Follow the same procedure for connecting to a device as mentioned above. When the connection request is established, the device owner gets the pop-up option to Accept or Dismiss the request. Alongwith this, you also get the direct option of entering the password to access their device directly.

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