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How to download Google Books?

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It is said that books are human’s best companions. Well, I have no doubts about it. Even Google thinks the same and that’s why it has a dedicated search engine where you can search from a vast repository of books.

Google Books is a search engine dedicated exclusively to books. In 2019, Google Books completed 15 years and now it contains over 40 million books in over 400 languages. Books are provided by the publishers and the authors and Google has also partnered with several magazine publishers to digitise the archives.

The books are scanned and then converted to pdf format using the Optical Character recognition method and then stored in the Google database.

In this article, we explain how you can download ebooks from Google Books service.

Can you download Google Books for free?

The answer is yes and no. You can view and download only those books which are free. For the others, you will have to pay the retail price.

You have four options to view the books. These are as follows.

  • Full view: You can view and download books from this category. Here, you will find books that are still in the public domain but are out of print, although a few currently printed books are also included.
  • Limited Preview: Here, you can browse a few pages of the book. However, you cannot download the book and each page is watermarked with Copyright material.
  • Snippet view: Here, you can see three short snippets of the book.
  • No view: This means that Google has yet to scan the book.

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How to download Google Books (Website)?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can only download those books which are under the Full view domain. So, if the book that you want is in the Full view domain, then follow the instructions given below to download the book. Step 1: Click on Ebook-Free option at the top left.Step 2: Now, sign in with your Google Account.Step 3: Click on Read to read the book using the Google Play Books app.

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How to download books from Google Play Books (App)?

In case, you are using the Google Play Books app, follow the instructions given below to download the books.

  • Download the Google Play Books app.
  • Search for the book that you want to download. If the book is free and available, then well and good. If not, then you will have to buy the book.
  • After that, click on the three-dot button on the right of the book.
  • Select the Download option.
  • Now, to read the book, tap on the circle on the left of the three-dot button.

Hoping this helps you in downloading and keeping a copy of at least some of your favourite books available on Google Books.

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