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How to get a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft?

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While Minecraft focuses on mining elements and building the tools and shelter you need to survive in the world, several other elements add a twist to the game. We’re talking about mobs.

Now there are both hostile, neutral and passive mobs in the game. Befriending neutral mobs like animals can actually prove to be beneficial for you. In this article, we’re talking about Parrots in Minecraft and how you can get them off your shoulders.

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Parrots in Minecraft

Minecraft parrots are passive, flying and tamable mobs that spawn in the jungle biomes. If you’re playing in Creative mode, you can use spawn eggs to spawn parrots as well. Much like their real-life counterparts, Minecraft parrots are pretty colourful and can be red, green, blue, cyan or grey. 

Befriending parrots in the game allows them to sit on your shoulders and warn you of approaching mobs. When a parrot detects a mob, they look in its direction and imitate the sound of the particular mob, although in a higher pitch. 

How to get a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft?
Parrots can sit on either shoulder

Parrots can be turned into pets by giving them seeds. Any seed will do, including cocoa, even though it’s a part of the cookie recipe. However, keep in mind that feeding parrot cookies will kill it and make the dead parrot emit poison particles. 

While this may be helpful for you, it’s better to pet other mobs in most cases. Wolves, for example, will attack any mobs that attack you or tamed cats will scare away any approaching keepers.

Getting parrots off your shoulders

If you’ve petted a parrot and have gotten them on your shoulder, you can do either of the following to get them off.

  • Lose height (by jumping or falling)
  • Die
  • Dismount a horse
  • Use the parrotrelease, releaseshoulders or prel command.

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