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How to get a PhonePe QR code sticker for a shop?

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PhonePe has made cashless transactions effortless and convenient for both businesses and customers. If you own a shop or a small business, accepting digital payments through PhonePe can significantly improve your customer experience and increase sales. A QR code sticker is one of the crucial elements required to enable PhonePe transactions at your shop.

In this article, we have discussed what a PhonePe merchant account is and the steps to get a PhonePe QR code sticker.

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What is a Phone Merchant account?

A PhonePe merchant account is an exclusive account offered by the digital payment platform PhonePe for businesses and shop owners. With this account, merchants can effortlessly accept digital payments from customers using the PhonePe app, creating a seamless interface between the business and its clientele for swift and secure transactions.

When a business registers for a PhonePe merchant account, they gain access to a range of features and tools designed to facilitate smooth payment processing. These may include generating QR code stickers that customers can scan to initiate payments directly from their PhonePe wallets, along with comprehensive transaction reports and analytics to keep track of sales and earnings.

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How to get a QR Code in a PhonePe Merchant account?

A QR code is generated when you make your account on the PhonePe business app. To find the QR code follow the steps below.

  • Open the PhonePe business app and go to My Profile
  • Then, click on the Manage QR Codes option. It will show you the QR code specifically generated for your account.

Use SmartSpeaker

SmartSpeaker is easy to carry around, has a longer battery life, clear sound quality, and has a small, adaptable design, making it suitable for crowded payment counters.

The device also sends payment notifications in 11 Indian languages and has a battery life of up to four days. It has a data connection, an LED indicator showing battery level, audio alerts for low battery, and a replay button for the last transaction. The smart speakers also offer a range of services for offline merchants, including an interoperable QR code to accept digital payments through any UPI-enabled app.

Use POS device

The Point-of-sale (POS) device is designed for merchants to accept payments using Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and UPI, ensuring a smooth and straightforward settlement process. The device comes with the PhonePe POS App and supports various transaction methods like tap, swipe, dip, and QR codes that work with different payment apps.

This Android-based POS device aims to transform the checkout process for businesses. It is highly reliable and secure, holding the PCI-PTS 6 certification, which safeguards merchant and customer data.

The PhonePe POS device features a touchscreen display, a fast processor for quick responses, long battery life, and an integrated printer for immediate receipt printing. It can connect to WiFi and 4G networks through a sim card, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

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