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How to get special moves in Shadow Fight 3?

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Shadow Fight 3 is an action-RPG fighting video game published by Nekki and developed by Banzai Game, you can customize your character’s weapons, armour and helmets and also upgrade the special moves and perks that can be applied to the equipment you have chosen.

In this article, we have discussed what is special moves, how you can get them and also how to use them to improve your character’s power.

What are special moves?

The Void world raid update came with version 1.28.0 of Shadow Fight 3, as the name suggests special moves are moves that deal more damage than normal moves and are different from normal moves. Special moves are different for armour and weapons and you can add them to the special slot of the equipment you want to use.

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How to get special moves?

The special move system was fully changed after the Voidworld update in version 1.28.0 of Shadow Fight 3. Earlier the Shadow Fight 3 players used to get special moves after winning the story fights and marathon fights as rewards. After the update, you have to play the Void raids to get the special moves.

How to use special moves?

Weapon special moves and Armour special moves are the two different types of special moves that you will get in Shadow Fight 3 which can be applied to their respective type of types of equipment. To know how to apply special moves to your equipment follow the steps below.

Step 1: Tap on the Armoury icon.

Step 2: Choose the equipment category on which you want to apply the special move.

Step 3: The special move slot is the icon on the extreme left below the weapon or armour card, tap on the Special move slot and then if there is any special move available for the weapon or armour then tap on Apply button.

Use the combo Forward+Punch+Punch to use the Weapon special moves and Forward+Kick+Kick to use the Armour special moves.

If you don’t see any special moves for the equipment then that means that you haven’t earned the special move for the particular card yet, keep playing the Void raids to earn more special moves.

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