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How to hyperlink in Discord embed? 

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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP programs in the world that was initially meant for gamers but since then has evolved to include features that serve a much larger user base. Because of these, a number of additional features have appeared in the platform over the years that help users get the most out of their Discord servers. 

In this article, we’re talking about how to add hyperlinks to your Discord embeds using the following three methods.

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Using a bot

There are Discord bots for just about everything. You can create embeds using the Carl-bot. Here’s how. 

Step 1: Head over to the Carl-bot website and add the bot to your server by clicking the Invite button. 

Step 2: Log in with your Discord account and follow the instructions to add the bot to your server. 

Step 3: Once you’ve added the bot to your server, you’ll be taken to the bot configuration page. Scroll down in the left menu bar and select Embeds. 

Step 4: In the Embed builder, enter the embed URL and text in the format shown below. 

[hyperlink text](URL)

Step 5: Once you’re done editing your embed, scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the channel you want to send the embed to and click Post. 

Using Webhook URLs

If you don’t want to add an external bot to your Discord, you can also send embeds using webhook URLs. Here’s how. 

Step 1: Open Discord, head over to your server and click the server name to open the settings menu. Click Server Settings. 

Step 2: Head over to Integrations and click Create Webhook.

Step 3: Click New Webhook.

Step 4: Expand the newly created webhook, type in a name, select the channel and add an image if you want. Once you’re done, click Save Changes and then Copy Webhook URL. 

Step 5: Once you have the webhook ready and the link copied, head over to an embed generator. For this example, we’re going to use Head over to the website and click the Start Now button. 

Step 6: Copy the webhook URL in the Webhook URL field.

Step 7: Scroll down and click the plus icon under Embeds. 

Step 8: Fill out the webhook title with whatever you want and enter your embed text in the Description box in the format given below. 

[hyperlink text](URL)

Step 9: Scroll back up, type in your Discord username in the Username field under Message and click the Send Message button to send your embed. 

Using a URL shortener

The two aforementioned methods require elevated privileges on any server that you want to use with embeds. However, if you don’t have the required permissions, you can always use a URL shortener. 

Just head over to the URL shortener of your choice, copy the URL you want to use as an embed and generate a shortened URL. While there are many URL shorteners out there, we recommend using either TinyURL or Bitly as they’re both free and supported by Discord. 

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