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How to install FireFox on Linux?

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How to install FireFox on Linux? | Candid.Technology

Firefox is rising in popularity quickly, thanks to security concerns regarding its main competitor, Google Chrome. Mozilla’s Firefox offers a slew of features that make it an absolute delight to work with and does it while protecting your data. If you’re on Linux, you already have some idea about data security and privacy so why not take it to the next level with the help of a secure browser as well.

Now Firefox is the default browser on most Linux distros. However if it isn’t already installed on yours, here’s how you can install Firefox on Linux.

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How to install Firefox on Linux?

Now before we get into the installation steps, there are two ways you can install firefox

  • Using the package manager
  • Direct download from the Mozilla site

While the package manager method has the advantage of being extremely simple, and it ensures that get all the required libraries as well, it has certain downsides. For one, it might not give you the latest version of Firefox. It may even give you a version without the Firefox branding.

Hence we’ll be going with the second method for this guide

Step 1: Head over to the Mozilla website and download Firefox. Make sure to choose the right download corresponding to your system.

You can get Mozilla FireFox here

How to install FireFox on Linux? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Fire up a terminal and head over to the directory where the download file is located.

How to install FireFox on Linux? | Candid.Technology

Step 3: Extract the downloaded file using the following command:

tar xjf firefox-*.tar.bz2

How to install FireFox on Linux? | Candid.Technology

Close Firefox if it opens up.

Step 4: That’s it. You can now launch the browser by simply running the firefox script in the firefox folder


How to install FireFox on Linux? | Candid.Technology

From here on, you can go ahead and create a desktop icon if you desire. Note that you’ll have to run the firefox script every time you want to launch the browser. If you type in the command firefox, it’ll either launch the package manager installed version or report that firefox isn’t installed at all.

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