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How to know if someone blocked your Email?

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Email is one of the easiest and fastest ways to communicate with someone, especially if you are a professional. However, it is frustrating when someone has blocked your email and there is simply no way to know whether you are blocked or there are other reasons why the communication isn’t happening.

This article discusses how to know if someone blocked your email. Here are a few topics that we are going to cover:

Common reasons why someone may block your email address

Email or Electronic mail is a communication method whereby you can send messages from your computer to other. When you send an email, it passes through a series of servers before reaching the recipient’s servers. If the recipient’s servers accept the email, then it will be delivered to the inbox.

Here are the possible reasons why your email has been blocked or blacklisted by someone:

  • You have sent too many emails in a short period. The recipient might feel overwhelmed or irritated. If you are professional and there is a sense of urgency, then you can politely ask the person concerned to reply back to you asap.
  • You have sent spam or irrelevant emails. So, ensure you send only relevant emails that shouldn’t be spammy.
  • The recipient has perceived you as overly aggressive or persistent in your email.
  • You have sent large attachments with the emails. Make sure to compress the attachment file before sending it.
  • If you have ignored the previous requests by the recipient to not send further emails, there is a high probability that the person has blocked your email.
  • You might have used inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Have you misused the ‘reply all’ function? If you frequently use the ‘reply all’ function, it might cause inconvenience to others.
  • Your email address isn’t professional and does not reflect your real identity.
  • You might have sent promotional or marketing emails.
  • You have sent some confidential or highly classified information by mistake.

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How to tell if someone blocked your Email?

Now that we have looked at some of the possible reasons why someone might have blacklisted your email, it is time for us to discuss how to know if someone blocked your email.

Here are some steps that you can take:

Check if your emails are bouncing back

Compose an email and then send it to the recipient. If you are blocked, then the email will bounce back and you will know for sure that your current email address is blocked.

In Gmail, however, blocked emails are sent to the Spam folder which most people don’t check often. The recipient might be ignoring you or is busy and is not able to reply to your email.

Check for any notification or error message

If there is an issue with the email delivery like there is a server error or the email doesn’t exist anymore, then you will get a notification or error message in your inbox. Make sure to regularly check your inbox.

Check the Sent folder of your email client

The Sent folder contains all the emails that you have sent. If the said email isn’t present in the Sent folder, then it means that the email isn’t delivered yet. However, this is not a conclusive method as the sent emails can be stored in other folders as well.

Send an email from any other address

Try another email address to at least narrow down the possibilities. If your email has been received, then it simply means that your previous email address is blocked or there is some other problem with it.

Contact via other means

You can try other means to contact the person. Either message that person via any social media or simply give them a call.

Use any third-party email tracking services

Many third-party email tracking apps like Mailtrack and Boomerang are now available for users. Mailtrack. Mailtrack attaches a very tiny image to your email. When the recipient opens your email, you will get notified. You can use these email trackers in the future.

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Frequently answered questions

Now, we dive into some of the frequently answered questions on how to know if someone blocked your email.

What to do after being blocked?

For you, the best course of action will be to reach out to that person via some other mode of communication like a phone call, social media or through an alternate email address.

How to get unblocked on Gmail?

If you suspect that you’re blocked on Gmail, then the best you could do is to contact the person and explain yourself and try to rectify the issue that caused this problem in the first place.

How to know if someone blocked you on Gmail?

There is no certain way to know if you are blocked on Gmail. Try to use Mailtrack which comes in handy in these situations. If your email has not been opened in a while, then either it is blocked or is sent to the Spam folder of Gmail.

How to check if your email is going to spam instead of being blocked?

You will have to contact the recipient via other means and ask them to check the Spam folder. There is no other way for this situation.

In conclusion, if you suspect that someone has blocked your email; it is important to take action and make sure such instances don’t happen again. Get support from the email client or your IT specialist and be respectful and professional in your communications.

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