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Does blocking someone on Snapchat delete messages?

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Usually, social media apps take into consideration the feelings of the person that you have blocked and do not inform them. With Snapchat, users can send daily snaps of themselves which disappear within 24 hours unless either you or your friend decided to save the media in chat. However, does this mean that your chat history including shared media content will be still on display?

In this article, we will be discussing whether your messages with someone will remain intact or disappear after you block them on Snapchat.

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Snapchat settings

One of the main points of using Snapchat nowadays is to keep regular or daily track of your friends and family members. Be it their activities or their whereabouts and with the 24-hour deletion policy that Snapchat follows, most of the content that we share is deleted from our chats every day. Hence, if you are blocking someone on Snapchat then any one-time view photos or videos will be deleted.

All except saved messages will be deleted when you block someone on Snapchat.

Let us go in-depth about how you can view your saved messages after you have blocked someone:

What happens when you block someone on Snapchat?

When you initially block someone on Snapchat, their username will be removed from your contact list and you will not be able to send them snaps or view any snaps sent by them. Blocking them will not only remove them from your Snapchat search but also as your friend. Hence, if you want to add them back, you will have to head to Snapchat’s settings and unblock them manually.

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What happens when you unblock someone on Snapchat?

After unblocking them, you will have to add them back as your friend. When this process is over, all of your saved messages with the previously blocked contact will be restored. Saved messages will not be deleted automatically and will remain in the Snapchat servers unless deleted manually by one or both of the parties involved.

Can saved messages be deleted on Snapchat?

The way saved messages on Snapchat function depends upon the two parties involved. A person can save their own and the other recipient’s messages. The recipient can do the same on their app from their device. However, you can only delete messages saved by you. By pressing on any message saved by you, you can choose to delete your share of saved messages.

Unless the other party or recipient decides to delete their share of saved messages, which also includes any message sent by you that they have saved, you will not be able to entirely delete all the contents of your chat before or after blocking them on Snapchat.

Keep in mind that Snapchat has not informed them about your action of blocking them, so removing any saved messages will be a clear indication of your intention of blocking them.

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