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How to make a bow in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is an adventure-survival sandbox game with great impetus on collecting items and crafting what you need from them. Since the second you spawn in the game, you’re in a constant hunt for gathering different items, building shelters, tools, and weapons you might need to survive in the game.

One essential tool and possibly the first thing you’ll craft is the crafting table. This gives you access to a 3×3 crafting space, one up on your 2×2 crafting space required to craft just about anything in the game. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to make a bow in Minecraft.

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How to craft Minecraft bows?

Bows are one of the few ranged weapons in Minecraft and possibly the first ranged weapon you’ll craft. Here’s what you need to craft a bow.

  • 3x string: Can be gathered by killing spiders.
  • 3x stick: Can be made by wood planks.

Once you have the materials required, here’s how you can craft a bow.

Step 1: Walk up to your crafting table and right-click to access the 3×3 crafting grid.

How to make a bow in Minecraft?

Step 2: Arrange the strings and sticks in the exact pattern shown below.

How to make a bow in Minecraft?

Step 3: Once the bow appears in the crafted item box, move it to your inventory for use.

How to make a bow in Minecraft?

Important notes about bows in Minecraft

  • Bows in Minecraft aren’t stackable, which means you can only keep one bow in one inventory block.
  • Just like every other tool and weapon in Minecraft, bows have limited useability, after which they break — you’ll either have to repair them in time or craft a new one once your existing one is gone. 
  • You’ll also need to craft arrows using flint, stick and feather to use with your bow. One flint, stick and feather will give you four arrows to use.
  • Bows are stackable, and you can store up to 64 bows in one inventory block.

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