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How to make a monkey in Little Alchemy 2?

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Creating a monkey in the game Little Alchemy 2 is a delightful combination that requires a bit of imaginative thinking and experimentation. The game encourages players to merge different elements to form new ones, allowing for discovery and creativity.

Crafting a monkey involves combining specific items. This guide will walk you through all the combinations required to craft a Monkey.

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Make Monkey in Little Alchemy 2

To create Monkey in the Little Alchemy 2, you will need Tree + Animal.

Below, we have explained the steps to create a Monkey in Little Alchemy 2.

Step 1: First, we will create a Tree, one of the ingredients you need to create a Monkey in Little Alchemy 2. There are various combinations to create a Tree, but we will take the easiest one, Plant + Big.

To create a Plant, combine Life and Soil.

Step 2: To create Big, combine Philosophy and Planet.

Step 3: We have the ingredients to make a Tree; combine Plants and Big to make a Tree.

Step 4: Now, we will create the second ingredient needed to create a Monkey, an Animal. There are various combinations to create an Animal, but we will use Life + Land.

To create Life, combine Volcano and Primordial Soup.

Step 5: To create Land, combine Earth and Earth.

Step 6: We have ingredients to make an Animal; combine Life and Land to make an Animal.

Step 7: We have created both ingredients needed to create a Monkey. Combine Animal and Tree to create a Monkey.

Various elements you can create using Monkey

Here are some elements that you can create using Monkey:

  • Fruit + Monkey = Banana
  • Time + Monkey = Human
  • Tool + Monkey = Human
  • Monkey + Deity = Sun Wukong
  • Monkey + Immortality = Sun Wukong
  • Monkey + Peach of immortality = Sun Wukong

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