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How to make someone a mod on Discord?

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Discord is one of the world’s most popular VoIP programs used by anyone from gamers to just people looking to hang out digitally. The program provides many control and moderation options for server admins to ensure that their servers don’t immediately descend into chaos the second the admin logs off. 

The program has as many as 29 different permissions for standard users, broken up into nine for text interactions, seven for voice messages and 13 for the server itself. As you can probably imagine, this can be too much for a single server admin to handle. 

That’s why Discord also allows server admins to select particular people in the server as moderators so they can help maintain the server. This article looks at how you can make someone a mod on your Discord server.

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Creating Discord moderators

The process of creating a moderator or just about any person with server management capabilities requires two major steps.

  • Creating a role with the required permissions.
  • Assigning said role to the people you want.

Here’s how you can create a new role with the permissions you want and assign it to the members you wish to make moderators. 

Step 1: Click on your server’s name followed by Server Settings. 

How to make someone a mod on Discord?

Step 2: Head over to the Roles tab and click Create Role. 

How to make someone a mod on Discord?

Step 3: Enter a role name and select a colour for the new role. You can add a role icon if your server has been boosted to level two. 

How to make someone a mod on Discord?

Step 4: Now head over to the Permissions tab and select the permissions this role will have. 

How to make someone a mod on Discord?

Step 5: Once you’re done adding the required permissions, switch to the Manage Members tab and click Add members to this role. 

How to make someone a mod on Discord?

Step 6: Select the members you want to give the role to and click the Add button. Alternatively, you can also right-click a person’s name in the server list and select Assign role, followed by the actual role itself. 

How to make someone a mod on Discord?

And that’s all you need to do create a moderator in Discord. The users with this new moderator role will now be able to take different admin actions depending on the permissions you assigned. 

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