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How to open chat in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games and has grown steadily since its 2012 launch. The game gets constant updates as well as feature and content additions that keep it fresh, but the core gameplay is largely the same. 

A big part of the multiplayer experience in Minecraft, however, is the communication between the players. In an infinite, randomly-generated world, communication is very important to communicate and locate other players. Additionally, Minecraft’s chat does more than communicate; it can also be used to enter in-game commands.

In this article, we’re talking about how you can open a chatbox in Minecraft, regardless of the platform you’re using to play the game.

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Opening Chat in Minecraft

By default, you can use the following keys to open the Minecraft chatbox, depending on your platform. 

  • PC: By pressing the T key (you can also quickly open the chatbox using / to quickly start typing commands)
  • Touchscreen devices: By pressing the chatbox icon
  • Consoles: By pressing the right HAT button on controllers.

Quick and easy access to the Minecraft chatbox is important because, as mentioned before, it does more than communicate. The chatbox is also used to add clickable hyperlinks and, perhaps most importantly, run in-game commands if you’re in Creative mode. 

Commands are an important aspect of the Minecraft experience, especially if you’re in creative mode. They let you quickly teleport to any given coordinate, making exploring large maps easier.

You can immediately summon almost everything in the game and access all the spells and enhancements you need to try them out and then decide whether they’re worth spending your hard-earned resources in survival mode. 

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