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How to pin any tweet on Twitter?

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Twitter is one of the social networking websites which allows you to communicate with the world via short messages called tweets. The short messages can contain some message, any image, video, or even some link. The tweets that you post appear on your profile.

The pinning feature of Twitter allows you to pin your tweet on the top of your Twitter timeline. Whenever anyone visits your profile, they will see the pinned tweet first and then the rest tweets below it; no matter how old your pinned message is, it will always stay at the top.

Read this article to find out how you can pin any tweet on Twitter.

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How to pin someone else’s tweet on your Twitter using the retweet method?

You cannot directly pin someone else’s tweet on your Twitter profile. In such a scenario, you must first bring their tweet onto your profile and then pin it. Follow the steps below to pin anyone else’s tweet on your Twitter profile using the retweet method.

How to pin any tweet on Twitter?
  • Open your Twitter app and find out the tweet that you want to pin on your profile. Tap on the Retweet button.
  • Select the Quote Tweet option.
How to pin any tweet on Twitter?
  • Type your comment, and tap on the Retweet button.
  • Open your Twitter profile. You can see the post you just retweeted. Tap on the three vertical dots on the tweet you just quoted.
How to pin any tweet on Twitter?
  • Select the Pin to profile option.
  • Tap on the Pin button.

Your tweet is now successfully pinned on your Twitter timeline.

Similarly, you can pin your tweet by following the same steps. You need to go choose the tweet you want to pin, and then pin it to your Twitter timeline by selecting the pin to profile option.

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