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How to redeem a Valorant code?

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For most gamers finding a gift in Valorant is like a dream come true. Though most of them would appreciate some real-life or physical gift from the game, none of them will ever pass on a chance to buy good skin.

The skins and cosmetics in Valorant are never-ending, and it continues to rise with every update, which means you can never have enough of them. But if you have just received a gift card or are looking to surprise someone with one, then here is a guide for you about how to redeem your Valorant code.

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Redeeming Valorant gift codes

Follow these steps to redeem your gift codes in Valorant:

Step 1: Launch the game and log into your account.

How to redeem a Valorant code?

Step 2: Click on the Valorant icon in the top-left, followed by the Prepaid Cards & Codes option.

How to redeem a Valorant code?

Step 3: Enter the code in the pop-up box that appears and click Submit.

How to redeem a Valorant code?

Step 4: Once the code is validated, your rewards will appear automatically on the screen.

Now there are many instances when the code you entered isn’t working, and you cannot redeem your rewards. You don’t have to worry much; it can be some typing error while typing the code, and you can try to write it again.

But if it’s still not working, then you must contact the merchant from whom you bought these gift cards. Show them the proof of payment and your problem will be solved.

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Valorant Gift Codes

Here’s a list of a few standard Valorant gift codes.

PRISMATICPride Player Card
COTTONCANDYPride Player Card
PRIMARYPride Player Card
GALACTICPride Player Card
SUNSETPride Player Card
TWILIGHTPride Player Card
SHERBERTPride Player Card
JUBILANT01Ally Player Title
JUBILANT02Proud Player Title

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh