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How do I remove my number from the spam list?

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Dealing with the ‘Spam’ label on your business number can be a real challenge. While phone carriers are introducing tools like Spam Risk Caller ID to combat spam calls, errors still occur, leading to legitimate numbers being mistakenly flagged. Connecting with customers becomes difficult if your business number is marked as spam.

This article discusses what a spam list is, why your number is flagged as spam and how to remove it from the spam list.

What is a Spam list?

A spam list is a compilation of phone numbers suspected of being associated with spam. The National Do Not Call Registry records such numbers; this registry was established in 2003 and managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There are other similar lists like NDNCR, and the primary objective of these lists is to minimise the number of unwanted calls.

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Why is your number flagged as spam?

Your number appearing as spam on your customer’s phones happens because it got added to a spam list. When carriers process the calls, they refer to these lists and decide a phone’s Spam status. Carriers, alongwith third-party entities, reach these decisions by using algorithms to analyse how you make calls and consider user feedback, like people reporting that your phone number is linked to spam.

When the incoming number matches the number in the list, the number will be labelled as Scam Likely, Fraud Risk, Spam Risk, or a similar term, depending on your carrier, device, or app.

How do you remove your number from the Spam list?

To remove your contact from the spam list, you can use both the below explained steps:

Register your number

Register your number on a free caller registry like First Orion or Free Caller Registry. The Free Caller Registry lets those making genuine outbound phone calls share their information with the top three service providers that manage calls for major US wireless carriers. This happens just once through a standard and centralised process. Your details will be sent to the three major Carrier Spam Monitoring Partners: HIYA, Transaction Network Services (TNS), and First Orion.

Contact various phone carriers

You can contact different phone carriers and affirm to each carrier that you are not using your primary phone number for spam activities. Below are the links for various phone carriers.

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