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How to stream on YouTube? In 9 simple steps

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Streaming has caught up with the masses by a massive margin in recent times. With YouTube also letting users stream their content online, it has seen an enormous surge in popularity.

Most people already use YouTube daily, which adds to the streamer’s advantage as they can salvage the audience and the barrier to entry is quite low.

So if you’re someone looking to put your craft out there in front of the sea of audience online, here is how you can start streaming on YouTube.

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Streaming on YouTube

YouTube has streamlined the experience for people who’re just starting so you shouldn’t face too many problems.

Step 1: Go to YouTube’s homepage. Log in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Click on the create button in the top right corner. Select Go live from the menu.

Step 3: You’ll be taken to your YouTube Studio streaming panel. Here you have a couple of choices to make.

  • On the Webcam tab, you can enter your stream details and go live with your webcam. This works much like going live on Instagram.
  • The Stream tab allows you to set up a stream from your computer.

In this article, we’re going to use the Stream tab. Click on it and fill out your stream details. Click Create Stream when done.

Step 4: On the next page, you’ll be presented with a Stream setup help dialogue box. All we need from this pop up is the stream key and the stream URL. Copy the stream key first.

Step 5: Go to your streaming software, find the streaming server settings and paste the stream key there. In this case, I’m using OBS. You’ll find the stream key setting under Settings> Stream.

Select the Service as YouTube from the drop-down and paste in your stream key.

Step 6: Start streaming from your streaming software.

Step 7: Go back to the YouTube studio and wait for your stream to show up.

Your stream is going to show up along with connection strength

Step 8: Once you’ve acquired a feed, you can click on the Go Live button in the top right corner to go live. And you’re live on YouTube.

Step 9: When you’d like to end your stream, simply go back to the YouTube studio and use the End Stream button in the top right.

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