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How to stream on Twitch?

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Video game streaming has come a long way from what it used to be around its inception. Streamers generate millions of incomes annually, and the viewership goes in thousands. Every gamer wants to stream, and there are several platforms to help enable this. One that I’m sure you’ve heard of is Twitch.

Twitch is a dedicated game streaming website and has been around forever. It has every feature you, as a streamer or as a viewer, will need. Most pro players stream on Twitch as well. So if you want to start streaming, here’s how to do that on Twitch.

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Twitch Streaming requirements

Before we get on to how to get your gameplay online, let’s talk about some requirements.

First and foremost, you need a good PC. Now if you’re a gamer, you pretty much have this covered. But don’t expect your 3rd-Gen i7 to go 60FPS+ in Rainbow Six Siege when you’re streaming at 1080p. The bottom line is that streaming is a processor-intensive task, so you need a good PC to stream.

You can get away with a mediocre system if you want to, but I would suggest otherwise. You’ll get lag spikes in your game and won’t be able to stream appropriately or in a good enough resolution — been there and done that.

Next up, you need recording or streaming software. There are tons of software available out there, and some of them are pretty good, but I’d suggest going for OBS, which stands for Open Broadcasting Software. It’s free, easy to set up and use, doesn’t hog up memory, is open source — if you’re into that — and is sponsored by Twitch.

You can also check out our guide to help you set up your computer for streaming using OBS.

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How to stream on Twitch using OBS?

Now that you’ve gone through the requirements, let’s get up and running

Step 1: Log on to Twitch and create an account.

Once logged in, click on your profile picture icon in the top left and then on Creator Dashboard to go to your dashboard.

How to stream on Twitch?

Step 2: On your profile dashboard, click the Home button in the top right corner. From the drawer, click on Preferences, then Channel.

How to stream on Twitch?
As you can see, I’m quite the lousy streamer

Step 3: Here, you’ll find your streaming key and other relevant information you’ll need to set up OBS. Also, be careful with your stream key and treat it like a password.

Remember, anyone with your stream key can stream to your channel.

How to stream on Twitch?

Step 4: Head to the OBS website and download the installer according to your system and OBS.

How to stream on Twitch?

Step 5: Launch OBS and go to File and Settings after installation.

Step 6: Under Settings, click on the Stream tab. Select Twitch in Service and leave the server to auto. Now copy-paste your Twitch stream key here.

Now you can just hit Apply and be done with it, but let’s go ahead and connect our Twitch account to OBS as well.

How to stream on Twitch?

Step 7: After you click on the Connect Account button, a login window will open, go ahead and enter your Twitch credentials to link your account. This will get you features like the stream chat right inside OBS,

How to stream on Twitch?

Step 8: Once it’s connected and checked everything, hit apply, and you’re ready. Now, hit the Start Streaming button, and you’ll immediately appear on Twitch.

How to stream on Twitch?

Step 9: Goto your Stream Manager. Here, you can set up your stream and control how the world sees it. Your stream will also appear here when you’re live along with some stats.

How to stream on Twitch?

Step 10: Stream to your heart’s desire.

How to stream on Twitch?
Here’s a super sleepy I live on Twitch at 4:22 in the morning

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