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How to turn off messages on your iPad?

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An iPad has many aspects, it caters to the artist in you with Procreate, the ideator, with Freeform, and the note-taker, with Notes. Similarly, with iMessage, you can connect with your peers, friends, and family across the Apple network, allowing you to send dynamic emojis, stickers, and voice notes; including the essentials of sharing photos, videos, and location.

Now imagine that you are watching a movie with your parents and a notification from a special someone pops up on your screen. You hurriedly fumble to your feet and swipe away the notification; it’s too late. It does make you wonder if in hindsight you had read this article and followed the instructions to turn off messages on your iPad.

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Steps for turning off messages on iPad

While remaining free of notifications can be a blessing for your peace, you will not be alerted about any important information. Hence, you can follow the given steps to switch on your iMessage notifications. For now, you can switch off iMessage notifications on your iPad by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Open your iPad and head to Settings.

Step 2: After opening Settings, locate the Messages option and tap on the same.

Step 3: Turn off the iMessage option by tapping on the switch button in front of the option. The image shown below will be the result of this step as all iMessage options will disappear.

Step 4: You can also turn off the notifications by tapping on the Send & Receive option below the iMessage option.

Step 5: You can uncheck the email and phone options to avoid receiving further notifications.

Turning off your iMessage notifications on your iPad will allow you to stream movies, work, or draw in peace without any distractions. This measure helps you to keep your privacy intact by not allowing any visible notification from iMessage on your iPad.

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