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How to keep your iPad’s screen on?

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A constant companion is hard to find and even harder to keep. Many perish in that journey, be they pets or humans alike. However, your iPad can keep you company even when not viewing the screen. Regardless of your iPad model, you can use your iPad as a display screen to show time, photos, videos, presentation notes, as an idea board, or to play movies.

In this article, we will help you transition your iPad from a temporary companion to a more permanent one. Your iPad will make you proud with its ability to stay on and will accompany you for all events in your life without any excuses (other than low battery).

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Customise iPad screen timeout

Keeping your iPad on for longer durations can help in various situations, be it with work where you can use it as an extension of your laptop or monitor screen. If you are involved in researching any topic or making notes from your iPad, you might require its screen to stay lit.

Furthermore, you can use it to display a collage or slideshow of your photos and videos. Whether in an important business meeting, presenting or in front of a classroom full of eager children teaching, you will need to view and refer to your notes repeatedly.

Hence, you can follow the steps given below to aid your iPad with its transition from a temporary companion whose screen would time out in two minutes to a more permanent one whose screen will never time out unless its battery dies (insert a loyal spy joke):

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPad home screen and choose the Display and Brightness option. When you locate the Auto Lock option, gently tap on it once.

Step 2: After tapping the Auto-Lock option, you can tap the Never option. This way, your iPad screen will remain on unless you manually press the on/off button on your iPad’s side.

While an iPad can display the time, presentation notes, virtual flashcards, and collect or display information for visitors, an iPad is bound to run out of juice. Unlike an iPhone, an iPad does not come with optimised charging, as an iPad cannot be overcharged.

Thus, by simply charging it occasionally, you can have your iPad display on for longer durations or all the time. Keep track of the battery drainage on a day-to-day basis. You can turn off the iPad screen if you find it over-heating.

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