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How to turn off screen mirroring on Android?

Android has always had a host of features for its users to delve into. However, most of these features are buried somewhere in the settings menu or simply pretty hard to find.

One such feature, which is rather easy to find and work with, is screen mirroring or screencasting. It allows you to share your phone’s screen easily with compatible casting devices such as a Chromecast which is extremely helpful for sharing your screen to a TV or something like a Nest Home or Nest Home Mini where you can play music from your phone over WiFi.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to disable screen mirroring on Android devices.

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Disabling Screen Mirroring

Casting your Android’s screen or even audio, for that matter, to support devices that are on the same network as your Android is rather easy. Most phones will have the Screen Cast option as a quick toggle in the notification shade itself. You can tap the button to enable or disable casting. 

If you’re already connected and streaming to a device, follow these steps:

How to turn off screen mirroring on Android?
  • Pull down the notification shade and find the Screen Cast setting. Tap it to see to what device you’re currently casting content.
  • Tap the Disconnect button to stop streaming to the connected device.

Note that if you’re connected to multiple devices or there are numerous compatible devices around, you may have to select the device you want to disconnect.

The same procedure also applies to casting or connecting to devices as well. 

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