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How to unblock someone on PS5?

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Launched in 2020, Sony PlayStation 5 has been tremendously popular among gamers which can be proven by the fact that the console saw a sale of more than 30 million units since its launch.

In this article, we cover topics like how to block and unblock someone on PS5 as well as how to report someone on PS5.

Block someone on PS5

Here are the steps you should follow to block someone on PS5:

  • First, press the PS button on your console to head to the control centre. When you are in the Control centre, select Game Base.
  • Next, select your friend from the Friends tab. Alternatively, you can select players from the Parties tab. Select the party and then the player from the members list.
  • Once the player profile is selected, go to More > Block.

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Unblock someone on PS5

If you want to unblock someone on PS5, read the guide below:

  • Press the PS button to open the control centre and then select Game Base.
  • Now, press OPTIONS and then head to Go to Game Base.
  • After that, press Game Base Settings and then Blocked Players.
  • Unblock the player by pressing the Unblock button next to the player.

What happens if you block someone on PS5?

When you block a person on PS5, it limits their ability to do the following:

  • View your profile, activity and personal information.
  • Add you to other parties or watch your screen during Share Screen.
  • If you and the person that you have blocked are in the same group, you can’t see each other’s messages.
  • If you and the blocked person are in the same party chat, both of you can’t hear or see each other’s voice or screen.

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How to limit others from interacting with you on PS5?

In PS5, you can tweak the privacy settings to limit others from interacting with you. Here’s how to do this:

  • Head to Settings > Users and Accounts > Privacy.
  • Choose View and Customise Your Privacy Settings.
  • Now, select a preset privacy setting level or select a feature whose privacy setting you want to change.

Report a content on PS5

If you feel that certain content is not following internet etiquette, you can report that content. You can report these contents on PS5:

  • Messages
  • Friend Requests
  • Live broadcasts
  • Players’ Profiles
  • Party texts
  • Game alerts
  • What’s New updates
  • Community Content

To report a piece of content or a profile, go to More > Report and then give a reason for the report.

In order to report an offensive comment or a message, highlight the message and then go to Options > Report.

Here are the steps to report a conversation over voice chat:

  • Press the PS button to head to the control centre and then select the voice chat card of the conversation.
  • Now, select More > Report and follow the on-screen instructions.

Remember, you can only report a 20-second clip of the last 5 minutes of the voice chat.

We hope that by following the contents of this article, you can block or unblock someone on PS5 and save your precious time from spamming and other hateful content on the platform.

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