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How to unsuspend your Instagram account?

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Social media platforms are a great place to market and grow your business and gain followers. The lure of the reels, posts, and stories, attracts users from around the world to come and spend time scrolling on apps like Instagram and Facebook. However, oft times the users on these platforms become victims of suspension by the social media giants themselves.

In this article, we will discuss in depth why Instagram suspends accounts and how to recover your account back.

Why did Instagram suspend your account?

There can be a number of reasons behind Instagram suspending or disabling your account. Mainly, it has something to do with your online activity that Instagram found suspicious or that you were reported by several people.

Regardless of your reason, we will go over a few points for you to glance at that will help you decide why your account might have been suspended:

  • You have violated the community guidelines kept in place by Instagram.
  • You may have indulged in the use of hurtful comments, spam, or harassment among other offences.
  • Instagram may have assumed that your account is being operated by a bot.
  • They might have taken this as a case of identity theft due to failed login attempts.
  • You may have impersonated a real person’s account.

There is a wide assortment of reasons why Instagram could have suspended or disabled your account. If you feel that their judgment was wrong in any case, read the next section to see how you can recover your account.

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How to recover your suspended Instagram account?

The duration of suspension of your Instagram account can vary depending upon the degree of violation. Hence, if you believe that your account was accidentally or wrongfully suspended, then you can fill in a form to enlighten Instagram about the same. There are a number of ways that you can try to appeal to Instagram to recover your account due to wrongful suspension.

Keep in mind, that you can always link your Facebook account with your Instagram to avoid login issues in the future and to help recover your account completely. Visit this page if you are having trouble logging into your account.

Deactivation form

You can fill out this form to appeal your wrongful account deactivation. You will have to provide some basic information. Fill out the form if you genuinely believe that Instagram made a mistake by deactivating your account for not following their community guidelines. You can fill out the deactivation form here or else here.

Unpublished account appeal form

You can appeal Instagram’s decision if they think that you have violated one of their Facebook Pages Terms by filling out a simple form here. They will leave your account unpublished unless you fill out this form.

Review decision

If you are greeted with a ‘Your Account will be Deleted’ message after logging in, then your can appeal your decision by requesting a review. This way Instagram will review your disabled account again and restore it if they think they made a mistake.

However, you should do this only if you think there has been a mistake considering there is a chance of Instagram deleting your account in 24 hours if they find that you did not follow their community guidelines in any way.

Request support

If you are unable to figure out why you were suspended, it might be because your account has been accessed by someone else with your password. You can contact their support page as well as fill out a theft identity form in case you can see fraudulent copies of your account around Instagram.

Help out Instagram with any verification process which might include sending a photo of yourself holding handwritten codes sent by them previously, to verify that it is you as a person and not a bot controlling your account.

Usually, bots or people emulate and copy an entire account of an Instagram influencer or a public page, especially if the influencer or the public page gives out financial advice. The bot interacts with you by sending you a request to follow you and messages you simultaneously. Reporting this can help take care of the issue and you can also inform Instagram if they have wrongfully suspended your original account instead of the fake one.

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  • Hey all Instagram community team please checking my Instagram account is not activate after opening show thanks for providing into info I am waiting after 24 hour’s but not solved this issue please check my Instagram I’d.

  • Dear Instagram team,
    >My Instagram account has was deactivated for violations of Instagram’s community guidelines.
    >My lawyer had gone through the terms and claim that I haven’t violated any of guidelines. It was a false deactivation. If you feel that I have violated the copyright, then I promise you that I will be not take any further do copyright.

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