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How to use diamonds in Ludo King?

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Ludo King has been around for some time now, and it still manages to keep players hooked to the game. All because of its super fun and entertaining amalgamation of luck and strategy with this board game. You can play this game online and offline and stay engaged with your friends and family members.

With more players joining the ranks, Ludo King has become more competitive where any and every edge upon your opponents help win games and increase your ranking and coin base. And one such powerful tool to lend you a decisive advantage in the game is diamonds.

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How to use diamonds in Ludo King?

Diamonds is one of the currency in the Ludo King game apart from coins and supposedly an important one. They work as a trump card for those who play Ludo King seriously.

Now, what do they do? If you are not satisfied with the roll of dice, you can get another shot at rolling the dice by using a diamond, which can probably change the game’s outcome.

We all know how important a higher number is in this game. Where getting a six on a dice not only helps players unlock another piece but can also save pieces from getting cut by another player. Diamonds give you a lifeline and help players turn defeat into a victory.

Diamonds also help in unlocking various chapters and also helps in buying modern and classic costumes for your characters.

How to use diamonds in Ludo King?

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How to earn diamonds in Ludo King?

Earning new diamonds is equally important, and the easiest way to get the diamonds is to buy them through in-game purchases, but that can be pretty expensive over the long run.

So, the best alternative is to get free diamonds by watching ads, increasing player level by winning games, connecting your Facebook account, sharing certain statistics or wins on Facebook or inviting your friends to play.

Also, keep in mind that every time you use diamonds to undo the dice roll, the cost for subsequent undo action increases, So always use them wisely.

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