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How to send emoji in Ludo King?

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Emojis have revolutionised the way we use to communicate via email and SMS. They help users communicate their thoughts and feelings more efficiently and make the task less daunting and more entertaining for both the reader and the sender.

The emoji culture has been a part of the global mainstream for a decade now. And these colourful vector graphics have exponentially increased in popularity. Emojis can pick up emotions where words are falling short. Sometimes the “Grinning Face” or “Beaming Face” emoji is enough to convey the message.

Their effortless usage has helped them blend nicely in online games where engaging reactions give the gameplay a sense of reality. Also, in a world of online gaming where opponents or team members are likely to be from different countries, emojis help each communicate easily, bypassing the language barrier.

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How to send emoji in Ludo King?

The game of Ludo needs no introduction; its popularity speaks for itself because not just in India but in many countries around the globe, it has grown in popularity.

Ludo King its mobile version has made it even more popular today and is played by millions every day. The game allows people to connect from all parts of the world and even send messages or emojis while playing.

If you are wondering how you can send emojis while playing Ludo King, then we have got you covered. Below is the step-by-step guide to help you use emojis during gameplay.

How to send emoji in Ludo King?
  • On the main menu of the game tap on Play Online.
  • Next, choose the preferred Game Orientation and tap on the Next button.
  • Then choose the colour of your token and maximum players including maximum coins to bet.
How to send emoji in Ludo King?
  • Now go to the square gift box below the avatar of your opponent.
  • A list will pop up, from here choose your desired emoji and click on the emoticon to send.

You will find a particular gift box below every opponent which means, you can select the person to whom you want to send an emoji. And remember that emojis are not free; they cost coins, so use them wisely.

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