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How to use Magmium in Shadow Fight 3?

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Magmium is a powerful resource in Shadow Fight 3 that can upgrade and enchant equipment, learn new abilities, and enhance your character’s overall performance. However, many players are unsure of how to use Magmium effectively and may struggle to get the most out of this valuable resource.

In this article, we have discussed how and where to use magmium and where you can get the magmium, chrysonite and umbracite.

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What are magmium, chrysonite and umbracite?

Below we have explained what is magmium, chrysonite and umbracite.


Magmium is a resource used to upgrade the rarity of a special move. You will get to upgrade the rarity of the special move after levelling it up five times using another resource chrysonite. After levelling up your special move every five times, you must upgrade its rarity using magmium. You can earn magmium by defeating the Void bosses.


Chrysonite is a resource used to level up the special moves. You can earn chrysonite by defeating the Void bosses in the Raids mode.


Umbracite is a resource used to level up the perks. You can earn umbracite by defeating the Void bosses in the Raids mode.

How to collect these resources?

To get these resources, you have to play the Void raids. You have to be in the top positions to get the maximum resources. The higher your position in the raid, the more resources you get. By playing the Void raids, you will also get Void chests and keys; opening the chests will give you more of these resources.

These resources are important because you cannot upgrade your special moves without them. Levelling up the special moves and increasing their rarity improves your character’s attributes; the total attributes power is shown below the equipment power in the lobby.

If you want to deal the maximum damage to the Void raid bosses and be in top positions, then you have to upgrade the special moves and perks which deal more damage to the enemy. Perks like Wolverine and Poison that give extra damage will help you deal more damage to the enemy.

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