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Why and how to encrypt your Android device?

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Android devices have the functionality to encrypt your data using which only authenticated people are able to access the data on the device using a specific decryption key.

Most of us don’t realise the importance of securing the data on our phones, but here’s why you must encrypt your Android device:

Your data is valuable

Personal information like your address and date of birth can be retrieved with much ease. Much of this Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that can be extracted by hacking into your phone is sold on the Dark Web for very high prices.

Even after you factory reset your phone, the data can be recovered

Many people prefer to sell their old devices to buy the newer and updated ones with better features. In order to protect the data stored in that device, most people factory reset their phones. But, there are available tools by which data that is thought to be wiped entirely from the device can be quickly recovered.

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How to encrypt your Android device?

The newer versions of the Android have encryption of data already enabled, but if your device is running Marshmallow (Android 6) or an older version, you have to do it manually.

Why and how to encrypt your Android device?

  • It is easy to encrypt your device, and you do not need to download an external app for it. Ensure that your phone is unrooted and the battery of your android device is more than 80%.
  • The process will take a lot of time – tentatively an hour – so be sure to be prepared to spend some time without access to the other functionalities on your phone.
  • Ensure that you keep the device plugged into a charging point while encrypting the phone.
  • Search for the Encrypt device using Lock Screen password in the Settings tab of your phone. The location of this functionality can vary depending on the skin running on top of the Android version of your device.

Why and how to encrypt your Android device?

  • If you try to disrupt the encryption process, there is a high chance that all your data will be lost. There is a progress bar that displays how much of the process has been completed, so be patient throughout.
  • After this is finished, you will be prompted to put in a PIN or pattern password to formally complete the encryption process.

Encrypting your phone may seem a bit tedious, but it is definitely worth the effort. Go the extra mile and save your personal information from cybercriminals who plan to mask themselves under your identity and carry out illegal activities.

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Parinita Haldar

Parinita Haldar