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What does HRU mean?

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Acronyms are widely used by people in conversations online — be it through text messages or on any of the popular social networks including Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and even forums. If you like to get your message across quicker, chances are you use shortforms of words or phrases too and if you’ve just joined the bandwagon or are just looking for something a friend said that you couldn’t understand, we’ve got you covered.

Here we’ve discussed what does HRU mean, examples of how you can use it and alternative acronyms that can be used instead of HRU.

What does HRU stand for?

HRU stands for, ‘ How Are You’.

This is the most common phrase or slang that almost everyone across the globe uses to ask about the other person‘s health and all the other important things. It is used while talking with someone you know. It is a simple greeting that also begs an answer.

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How to use HRU?

HRU can be used as a great conversation starter as it shows the care and affection of the sender for the person with whom they are talking.

Example 1

Person 1We haven’t spoken in weeks. HRU?
Person 2Good. You?

HRU can be used to ask a common and simple question about a person’s health.

Example 2

Person 1Got to know you suffered from Dengue last week. HRU now?
Person 2Good. Thanks!

Other acronyms used in a same manner

  • HDYD: How Do You Do?
  • HIG: How’s It Going?
  • HOWDY: How Do You Do?
  • HYB: How’ve You Been?
  • HYD: How You Doing?
  • HAY: How Are You?
  • HAYD: How Are You Doing?
  • HAYT: How Are You Today?

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal