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How to fix the error when switching Hulu profiles?

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If you are trying to switch or cycle between Hulu accounts, then you might see the ‘we encountered an error when switching profiles’ message.

This issue is currently under investigation by Hulu. However, users have found various workarounds and fixes by themselves.

Here is a list of five such fixes that you can try if you are encountering errors when switching Hulu profiles. Let us begin by understanding the causes of the error and then in the later section we will discuss the fixes.

Cause of the error

Here is a list of possible causes of the error that you are witnessing while switching profiles on Hulu.

Hulu cache

The problem can occur if there is a cache of an old Hulu account stored on your browser and you are using a new account on the same browser.

Either use a different browser or use the incognito or private mode on the browser.

The Facebook account linked to the old Hulu account

If your old Hulu account is still linked with the Facebook account and you are using the same Facebook account to sign in to a new Hulu account, then this situation will trigger this error.

Ban on your Hulu account

Check whether your Hulu account is banned or not. If the account is banned, then you won’t be able to use Hulu’s services and you will have to contact support.

Device and location

If you are using Hulu on too many devices and that too on locations that are not supported by Hulu, then you will see this error.

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Troubleshooting the problem

Now that we have understood the causes of the problem, it is time for us to fix the issue. You can try one or more of the methods that we have mentioned below.

Update the app

One of the most common fixes is just updating the app. When you update the app, you patch the vulnerabilities of the app and also fix some minor errors.

Use incognito mode

You can try the incognito mode of your browser to fix We encountered an error when switching profiles on Hulu.

Although it is more of a workaround than a proper fix, many users have reported having successfully operated Hulu in a private or incognito mode.

For Chrome, go to the three-dot button and then click on New Incognito Window.

De-link Facebook account from old Hulu account

As we have mentioned before, your old Hulu account linked with your Facebook account can cause the error. You can de-link your Facebook and old Hulu account.

Remove all the unnecessary devices

Check the number of activated devices on your Hulu account. Also, check the location of the devices to confirm that the devices are not from a location that does not support Hulu. If you encounter any such location, then you should deactivate the device as it will cause the switching profiles error.

Go to Your Account > Watch Hulu on Your Devices > Manage Devices > Remove.

Reinstall the Hulu app

Uninstall and then reinstall the Hulu app to fix the error. But remember to first save your data to avoid any surprises.

Launch the app and it should work fine now.

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