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Top 7 iMovie alternatives for Chromebook?

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With the increasing popularity of Chromebooks as affordable and user-friendly devices, more and more users are seeking alternatives to popular video editing software like iMovie. While iMovie offers a seamless video editing experience for macOS and iOS users, Chromebook users often wonder if similar tools are available.

This article lists the top seven iMovie alternatives for the Chromebook, offering a wide range of features and accessibility.


Price: Business- $30/month, Unlimited- $60/month

InVideo is an online video editing tool that lets you create videos yourself, without any technical expertise, it offers over 4000 templates and a vast library of royalty-free images and video clips. Professionals can customise these templates by changing colours, animations, transitions and more as per their needs.

The automated text-to-speech feature allows users to convert text into voiceovers using different pre-recorded voices in multiple languages. Users can create, edit, preview, and share videos with team members seamlessly. Additionally, InVideo provides reports and analytics to track social reach, impressions, and video performance on various social media platforms.

We video

Price: Creator- $15.99/month, Business- $73.99/month

WeVideo’s free plan isn’t worth checking out because it only offers limited features and limits the video quality to 480p. However, if you go for the Business or Ultimate Plan, you can edit high-quality 4K videos and enjoy useful features like a green screen, ready-made templates, voiceover, and access to a wide range of transitions and effects. It also has all the basic editing functions like trimming, splitting, merging, adjusting audio, and colour grading.

Additionally, WeVideo has a modern and user-friendly interface, whether you use it online or download the app for iOS and Android. No matter your skill level, you’ll find the tool visually appealing and easy to use.

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Price: Pro- $16/month

It’s easy to use and requires no downloads, so you can seamlessly use it on your Chromebook. With Kapwing, you have all the essential editing tools, unrestricted video transcriptions, stock assets, and a cloud management system to create professional-looking videos on Chromebook.

Additionally, Kapwing offers powerful features like automatic subtitles in multiple languages, smart cuts to remove unwanted silences, audio cleaning, and more. It also provides other useful tools like Screen Recorder, Video Converter, Audio Converter, Background Remover, and Text Speech. However, Kapwing is more suitable for teamwork, as it offers collaborative functions that individual users might not need but have to pay for.


Price: Premium- $11.99/month

Clipchamp, recently acquired by Microsoft, offers everything you need to create stunning videos in one convenient place and at affordable prices. Even without purchasing plans, you can edit videos, use stock content, and export them in 1080p resolution with a Clipchamp free account.

However, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to access features like stamps or advanced professional editing tools such as advanced video effects and logos. The upgraded plan costs US$11.99 monthly and gives you access to premium functions, additional stock content, and unlimited cloud storage.

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Price: Plus- $19.99/month, Business- $29.99/month

FlexClip is a good option for those seeking an alternative to iMovie on Chromebook, especially if you need strong cloud storage capabilities and access to a wide range of stock assets. It’s perfect for beginners who want a simple yet powerful video editing tool. FlexClip offers plenty of ready-made templates, styles, text animations, and one-click effects, making it easy to create impressive videos.

FlexClip provides almost all the necessary video editing tools, such as trimming and cutting videos, a music editor, text editing options, filters, transitions, and more.


Price: $3.99/month

KineMaster is highly regarded as one of the best video editors for Android and iOS users, especially when editing 4K videos. You can easily install KineMaster on ChromeOS due to its Android compatibility.

In general, KineMaster is suitable for users of all skill levels. If you are a beginner seeking simple editing functions like cutting, splitting, trimming, and merging, KineMaster has you covered. On the other hand, if you are an expert who wants full control over every aspect of your video clips, KineMaster provides all the necessary tools to create videos on your ChromeOS.

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Price: Basic- $24.99/month, Business- $34.99/month

PowerDirector is a powerful video editing tool that can transform a regular video into a professionally-enhanced clip with its wide range of features. With PowerDirector, you can access instant graphics, text animations, blending modes, special effects, transitions, and layer-based editing.

You can work on 4K projects, utilize stock content, and create videos for any purpose by selecting from various ready-made resources such as templates, effects, filters, and lenses. PowerDirector has an advanced audio mixing function, enabling you to fine-tune every aspect of your audio without additional audio editing tools. This feature saves you time and effort when repurposing audio in your video clips.

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