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How to insert the ‘angle’ symbol in Word?

Microsoft Word is the go-to document editor for millions and for good reason; it offers a significant amount of customisations and to a great extent can be considered the one-stop-shop for creating documents overall.

Word isn’t limited to regular writing, but can also be used to visualise mathematical equations and if you’re looking for the angle symbol or the right-angle symbol in Word, but can’t find it, we’ve got you covered in this guide.

So, there are three ways using which you can insert an angle symbol in Word and here we begin with the simplest and quickest of them all.

Copy-paste from the web

Copy it from anywhere on the web and paste it in your Word document. Yes, it’s that simple; a simple internet search, highlight, ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

Now, while this should work in most of the cases, if for some reason the symbol doesn’t appear or appears incorrectly, it could be due to a difference in the character encoding scheme.

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How to insert the angle symbol in Word using the Unicode shortcut?

You can alternatively also use the character code for angle or right-angle, which is 2220 and 221F. All you need to do is enter the code and then press ALT+X on your keyboard.

So, if you want to insert the angle symbol in word, write 2220 on your Word document and then press Alt+x on your keyboard. Similarly, to insert the right-angle symbol, write 221F, followed by Alt+x on the keyboard.

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How to insert the angle symbol in Word using the toolbar?

While the two methods discussed above are quicker than the following one, if for some reason neither of them worked for you, follow the steps mentioned below to insert the angle symbol in Word.

Step 1: Click on the Insert option from the toolbar at the top of your Word document. Now select Symbol and then More Symbols (located at the extreme right of the options that appear..

How to insert the 'angle' symbol in Word? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Click on the arrow button to the right of the Subset box in the Symbol explorer box and select Mathematical Operators.

How to insert the 'angle' symbol in Word? | Candid.Technology

You can alternatively also input the unicode for the angle symbol (2220) in the box beside Character code.

Step 3: You’ll now be able to see the Angle symbol (refer to the screenshot below). Select the symbol and click on the Insert button.

How to insert the 'angle' symbol in Word? | Candid.Technology

Inserting right-angle symbol in Word

You’ll also find the right-angle symbol to the left of the angle symbol in the same window (refer to the screenshot below).

How to insert the 'angle' symbol in Word? | Candid.Technology

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