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Instagram Recommended Posts in Feed is being tested

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Instagram Recommended Posts in Feed is being tested

Instagram is testing recommended posts in the Feed of the app as they hope to give more exposure to the content on their platform.

The recommendation on Instagram is based on the people you follow and photos/videos that you’ve liked on the platform in the past.

Instagram recommended posts is being tested for the past few months, and now you’ll see recommended posts at the end of your Feed — once all the new feed from the people you follow is over.

If ‘Recommended For You’ pops up on your display, you’ll have an option to either view your past posts or keep scrolling for recommendations.

This feature might help you getting exposed to similar content that you already like on Instagram.

Instagram recommended posts feature will be rolled out the next few days to a limited group of people and once the product is perfected via feedback, it’ll be released to a wider audience.

Instagram Recommended Posts in Feed is being tested

Last Wednesday, multiple reports had sprung up that several Instagram accounts, including those of a few social media influencers and celebs, were hacked.

There also had been speculation regarding Russian ties of the attacker since some users have reported that their accounts were hacked via a Russian-linked domain’s email accounts (.ru).

If you feel your Instagram account’s security has been compromised, we recommend you to read our article which will help you secure your account and retrieve a compromised account.

Earlier this month, Facebook and Instagram were updated with new tools which help users keep a track of their app activity — helping them make a better decision as to the amount of time that they think is right to spend on the app and more.

The new reminder and notification team coupled with the activity dashboard are similar to Google’s Digital Wellbeing tool that is being released alongside the Android 9 Pie update.

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