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Instagram introduces DM warnings to recover hacked accounts

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Instagram is going all out against account hacking on the platform by making it easier to recover hacked accounts and preventing them from getting hacked in the first place by introducing DM warnings in case an impersonator tried to contact someone. 

Additionally, an account recovery feature announced earlier in February this year where users can ask friends to vouch for them to regain access to their accounts is now going live to everyone. Users can ask any of their two friends to vouch for them to regain their accounts. 

The platform is tackling account access issues by introducing a “My Instagram was Hacked” page. Users can report impersonation, get help if they’ve forgotten their passwords or ask for help recovering their hacked accounts. 

The new page helps quickly solve account access problems. | Source: Instagram

This is part of Instagram’s ongoing effort to address the hacking issue on the platform. In most cases, recovering a hacked account on the platform isn’t easy and Instagram itself has been slow to respond. 

As far as eliminating the problem of account hacking itself is concerned, users will now see warnings in their DMs if an account that could be impersonating someone else sends them a message. These warnings are also being tested when a suspicious account sends you a follow request.

Additionally, Instagram will also show the blue verified mark in more places throughout the app to help users determine account authenticity at a glance. The checkmark will now be visible in stories, DMs and a while later in the main Feed.

You’ll be alerted when a suspicious account follows you. | Source: Instagram

Last but not least, Meta is now starting to work on a more complete customer support system where users can find faster and more helpful resolutions to account access, spam and impersonation issues among other problems. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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