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Why is your iPhone’s battery icon yellow?

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Smartphones come with a lot of bells and whistles and keeping track of every feature on your phone can get a bit overwhelming. One wrong tap here, another there can cause you a lot of trouble and if you’ve just switched to an iPhone from Android and wondering, “why is my iPhone’s battery yellow?”, “Is something wrong?”, then let us begin by saying that, nothing is wrong with your phone.

Your iPhone’s battery is yellow because it is in the ‘low power mode’, which is enabled either when you switch it on manually or your phone’s battery is lower than 20%.

When your iPhone is in the low power mode, background activity such as automatic downloads, app refresh, email fetch and Hey Siri feature are temporarily affected to conserve battery and the battery icon at the top-corner turns yellow. Also, some visual effects might take a hit, your iPhone’s auto-lock settings will be set to 30 seconds and iCloud Photos will be temporarily paused.

Until you manually do so, the low power mode will automatically switch off after your iPhone’s battery is charged to 80%.

However, if the low power mode is troubling you and you want to disable it, check out our guide below to activate or deactivate the lower power mode on your iPhone.

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How to enable or disable iPhone’s low power mode?

Go to your iPhone’s settings and follow the steps mentioned below to enable or disable the low power mode.

Why is your iPhone's battery icon yellow? | Candid.Technology
  • Scroll down and tap on Battery.
  • On the next page, tap on the toggle button beside Low Power Mode.
  • Once you’ve disabled the low power mode, you’ll notice that the iPhone’s battery turns back from yellow to white.
  • To enable the low power mode, tap on the toggle button again.

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Alternative method: Toggle low power mode via the control centre

You can also use the toggle button for the low power mode in the iPhone’s control centre (as shown below) to enable or disable the feature.

Why is your iPhone's battery icon yellow? | Candid.Technology

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