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Is 64GB enough for iPad?

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The base models of most Apple devices might be cheap, but they come with as little as 64GB of storage. If you’re considering getting a new iPad, that 64GB model might look like a good deal, but since there are no storage expansion options, you can run out of storage space very quickly. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at whether or not a 64GB iPad is enough for you. 

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Is a 64GB iPad enough?

Before you make your purchase decision, take a moment to consider what your exact use case is and why exactly are you buying that iPad. If you’re clear on what you will do with your iPad, your memory requirements will automatically become a lot clearer. 

We recommend upgrading to at least the 128GB or 256GB storage tier for most use cases. If you’re going to be gaming, downloading a bunch of content or doing just about anything else on your iPad that requires you to store local content, 64GB will be a bottleneck sooner than you can imagine. 

Media files, including photos and videos that you might take on your iPad, can be very big in size with how high-quality everything is these days. Games, even the ones that run on mobile OSs such as iPadOS are also very big in size and often require additional downloads in the form of graphics or other game assets that further inflate their size. Apps can also take up a lot of storage.

You also need to remember that 64GB is the total memory you get on your iPad, meaning iPadOS and any other system apps required will take up at least a quarter of your storage, if not more. This further reduces the amount of free storage you have available, even before you unbox your new iPad. 

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Who should buy a 64GB iPad then?

If you’re buying iPads in bulk for a school or enterprise use case and will use them to access web or B2B apps, a 64GB iPad makes sense. Additionally, if a smaller form factor is all you’re after and doesn’t mind constantly having to delete content (apps, photos, videos, downloads and anything else) to fit more on your iPad, you can also pick up the 64GB model. 

However, keep in mind that being limited on storage means constantly shifting around data to ensure you have enough room on your iPad for any new apps or data you need to save locally. Unless you only use web apps on your iPad or want a smaller form factor over storage, we recommend taking more storage, even if it costs you a little more. 

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